DAKAM's TOURAVEL '15 Conference invites scholars and researchers from different fields to discuss the studies on travel and tourism in the contemporary world from different and interdisciplinary perspectives. TOURAVEL '15 / Travel and Tourism Studies Conference will be organized on June 18-20, 2015.
1st day of the conference will include keynote lectures, whereas presentations by the participants will be mainly held on 2nd day and social events will take place on the 3rd day.



Health, Safety and Security Issues for Tourism Industry

Work Health and Safety System
Work Health, Safety and Security Objectives
Executive, Manager, Worker Responsibilities
Issue Resolution and Communication
Dealing with WHS Concerns
WHS Risk Management System
Emergency Management
WHS Training

Tourism and Economic Development

Urban and rural development and tourism

Case studies for counties, a regions or cities

Macroeconomic issues of tourism

National and regional tourism policies

Hotel, restaurant and travel agency management and marketing

Tourism management and marketing

Legal issues

Critical perspectives

Ecotourism and sustainable tourism

Events and tourism

Sports tourism

Climate and tourism

Recreational tourism

Tourism, recreation and leisure

Tourism research and methodology

Travel Studies

Geography and travel

Travel, photography, writing and documentation

Travel and memory

History of travel and geographical exploration

Food, culture and travelling

Museums and conservation


Concepts: adventure, friendship, confrontation, hotel, road, laziness, nature

Travelling and arts


website: http://www.touravelconference.org/

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 علم گردشگری با آغاز نوروز 1388 و با هدف گسترش دانش محور و اصولی گردشگری در سطح کشور فعالیت خود را آغاز نمود. این مجموعه همواره سعی نموده است تا با استفاده از استعداد فعالان این صنعت نسبت به نشر هدفمند قواعد گردشگری در سطح کشور بپردازد. آنچه در علم گردشگری منتشر می شد حاصل تلاش دانشجویان، فارق التحصیلان، اساتید، شاغلین و تمامی علاقمندان دلسوز ....


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