3rd International Academic Conference on Management and Marketing of Tourism2014



The strong growth of the tourism industry, along with the increased competition makes it more necessary than ever the tourism management and marketing approach within tourism organizations. This sector is characterized by both complexity and innovation from its economic and social issues, its actors, its dynamism, innovation potential and by a continuous and promising development, requires a differentiated tourist offer that is based on culture and heritage of peoples. It is essential to have visibility of the different actors, customer expectations and different marketing techniques to use.

According to Kotler (2004): “Marketing is the set of applications technics and studies that aim to predict, detect, create, renew or stimulate consumer needs and continuously adapt the productive and commercial aircraft to needs thus identified”.

In the tourism sector the concept of marketing takes other dimensions, for Lanquar and Hollier (2001) tourism marketing is defined as "the art of using methodical techniques of research and markets analysis and technologies of information and communication to know and enter the source markets and satisfy the latent or expressed need to travel for leisure or other reasons, such as business, family, missions and meetings, in the best psychological conditions ... ". Or we can include the definition of tourism marketing drawn from the work of Gérard Tocquer and Michel Zins, in collaboration with Jean-Marie Hazebroucq (1999): "Tourism marketing is a process in which the structure of the tourism demand is anticipated and satisfied through the design of a product or service, the physical distribution, the setting of an exchange value, the communication between the organization and its market in the maximum interest of the company and consumers ".

The theme «Marketing and Management of tourism" aims mainly to clarify a certain number of points relating to tourism marketing practices and explore the important developments in the marketing of tourism in recent years.

This conference offers and explores these questions by focusing on Management approaches:

How do marketing services apply to tourism

What are the commonalities and differences between the two practices

What are the characteristics of tourism marketing

What are the contours of the tourist offer: territories, consumers and consumption patterns

What are the technical and fundamental management disciplines of tourism

What policies and strategies should be adopted to strengthen this sector

How to encourage industry players to develop their offerings


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